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Commissions types are shown below.
Prices are in USD ($) and represent the BASE price and are exclusive of additionals.
This information is only for personal commissions. Meaning the art can only be used for the client’s personal use and not commercially.

commission info

candy gore
maw shots
nsfw - lewd/nude, erotic or suggestive
objects (candy, wands, keys, etc)

hardcore fetishes (up to discretion)

complex background: +$10
simple background: +$5
props: +$3 per prop

additional charges may apply for complex characters

lineart without colors/flats is an option!

flat sketch

  • Head Shot: $5

  • Thigh Up: $7

  • Full Body: $10

  • Extra Character: +$5

flat &/or lineart

  • Head Shot: $10

  • Thigh Up: $15

  • Full Body: $20

  • Extra Character: +$10

shaded lineart

  • Head Shot: $15

  • Thigh Up: $25

  • Full Body: $40

  • Extra Character: + $15


  • Solo Object: $15

  • Multiple Objects: $15 base +$5 per additional object

  • Cell Shading: + $5

  • Soft Shading: + $15

  • Optional: Lineart / Lineless

terms and conditions of service

by commissioning me you agree to the following:

I, as the Artist-

Maintain the right to post my work in any form.
Maintain the right to post commissions to my social media for advertising. If specifically requested, will not post pieces that are asked to be kept private.
Maintain the right to turn down any commission.

You, as the Client-

May not reprint your commission for a profit.
May print your commission for personal use.
May edit, crop, and resize the art I give you under the circumstance that you still credit me for the piece.
May post the work to your own website/social media, but should credit and/or link back to me.
May requests small edits and corrections to finished pieces. (Large edits and corrections will be an additional charge if requested after the 2nd review)

How to Commission me:

Click the Order Form button above.
Once filled out, email to me and I will get back to you.

Payment and Refunds:

Payment is via Paypal Invoice.
Commission begins only when 50% of payment is received.
I will wait one full week for payment before canceling the commission.

I allow full refunds before I've begun work on the sketch phase, partial if I'm partway through, and no refund once I've finished the piece or began the lineart phase (whichever occurs first)

if you are confused or have any questions, please email me! [email protected]

order form

in order to begin applying for a commission slot, please be sure you have read the terms and conditions of service.

if you are needing to rush an order, an additional charge will be accrued. once the form is filled out, i will reach out to you and discuss the total cost of your commission request. please feel free to ask any questions you may have!

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contact information

follow any of the links at the bottom of the page to contact me!

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